Which Ketitik’s Products is Right For You?

27 Dec 2018
by Dewi

The monitoring network device is needed for knowing if your device has problems or get damage. But for certain devices, manually monitoring will be very troublesome and time-consuming. Then you need the right tools that can facilitate network monitoring for your devices. Of the many network monitoring tools and network monitoring application that exist, you can choose products from Ketitik because the services are complete, efficient, more affordable, and certainly right for your needs. The followings are the four products from Ketitik.

1. NetMonk

Netmonk is a network monitoring that works on your devices such as routers and switches that support SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Unlike other tools or applications, NetMonk has full features that you can rely on. You can see all the information about network monitoring on our website. There is more detail information about the requirements that your device must have such as RAM, storage, and there is also a demo for the application.

2. SLA Monitoring

SLA monitoring or service level agreement monitoring from Ketitik supports devices that have already used the RPTG platform and provided appropriate service management. You can also find out what percentage of data usage is on your server. SLA monitoring from Ketitik also has a demo that you can see on our website. There is also information about the requirements for your device such as RAM, storage, and internet access.

3. Node Monitoring

You can use Node monitoring product form Ketitik for your devices that do not support SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) like mini pc and server. Node monitoring is very effective for analyzing metric data to optimized the device used. Make sure your device has the requirements that you can see on our Node monitoring page that is RAM, storage, and internet access.

4. API Monitoring

API (application programming interface) monitoring is used to monitor the performance, availability and proper response of the API. If something happens like an application failure, one of which is caused by an API outage and a failed site service will result in a bad experience for the user. So that is why API monitoring is important for your device. Ketitik has an API monitoring product that provides complete and appropriate service for you.

Now you do not need to be confused to choose the right application or tool to monitor the network on your device. Ketitik is present as a network monitoring application in Indonesia provides the right solution through 4 products mentioned above. You can also visit our website to find out more information about Ketitik. So, have you determined which product is suitable for your needs?