What is API?

12 Jan 2019
by Dewi

The API stands for application programming interface is a software that can receive calls or requests from other software such as applications and websites that provide services. In other words, the API is a software that allows or connects two applications. Not only that the API is also used to create software and applications by developers. You can find APIs in everyday life such as when you book a hotel, send messages, order food online or when downloading software. How did this happen? The process is like this when you use the application or do the activity, the application connects to the internet and sends data to the server. After that, the data is taken and translated by the server which then takes the necessary action as a result and then sent back to your smartphone. After receiving the data, the application translates it and then provides the information you want in an easy-to-read way. With the API all can run smoothly and make it easy.

Why use the API?

The API makes programming easier and possible. As mentioned above, our needs as customers and especially for developers are greatly facilitated by the existence of API. By looking at this, the role of the API itself is very heavy especially to make the appearance of an application interactive, easy to use, and friendly to users. Not only that, but the API is also used to communicate between services. API has a very important role in technology.

Benefits of using APIs for developers include:

1. Application

The API helps the performance of applications more quickly and flexible such as services and information provided because the API can enter application components.

2. Customization

With the API, customization for content and services can be done according to your needs and desires.

3. Flexible

The API makes services more flexible. This is because the API supports better migration data and the information obtained is reviewed more closely.

4. Integration

The API can guarantee the delivery of information more smoothly because the API allows embedded content from applications and sites easily. This provides an integrated experience for users.

5. More Data

The API provides many choices because all information produced at the government level is available for each citizen.

As with network, API also needs to be monitored. API monitoring is a monitoring of the APIs for the purpose to see the proper respond, availability, and performance. Why do you have to monitor the API? Because this is very helpful in seeing the state of API if the performance of the API is not good enough, API calls poor that cause application to fail, and website to fail that cause a bad experience for the users. For the solution, you need API monitoring tools.

In choosing the right monitoring API tools it is certainly not easy. However, you don’t need to doubt because besides being a network monitoring application in Indonesia, Ketitik can provide the right solution for you. In addition to NetMonk for network monitoring, Ketitik also has API monitoring that can help you to monitor the performance of the API so that you can anticipate the occurrence of failures and errors and can be addressed immediately. If you want the best API monitoring tools and network management, Ketitik will provide the best services just for you. For more detail, you can see our products by visiting our website.


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