Troubles in Local Area Networks (LAN)

24 Oct 2018
by Febi

A set of computing devices that can exchange data and communicate with each other are called networks. There are many computing devices that can be used to be able to relate to each other. In a company, of course, has a set of tools to support the running of the company process. There are several types of network networks, namely LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network). Network networks within a company are included on LAN. A LAN is a collection of networks in a small area, such as offices, schools, and homes.

Sometimes we experience interruptions on network devices, which results in us not being able to access the computer, cannot connect to each other, and cannot get information from the server. There are many interruptions in network devices, namely hardware, software, and other external factors.

Hardware interference is an error originating from a workstation, hub/switch, and connector cable. Device installation error is a frequent error. While the interference that occurs on the client’s server and PC caused by the inability of the wireless application, or the conflict on IP (Internet Protocol) is a software disruption.

In addition, there are other causes of interference that come from external factors, namely the maintenance of a network device. If a device lacking periodic maintenance can cause trouble from the device because the device is corrosion or the device becomes rusty. This can also be due to inaccurate room selection because room humidity can affect the quality of network devices.

Network engineers need to maintain the network so that there are no disturbances that can disrupt the operational processes of a company. Based on existing disturbances, there are frequent interruptions that need to be considered. These troubles are:

1. Damage to the Network Connector

We start from the simplest interference, namely the interference that arises due to damage to the network connector or cable. Although this interference is called a simple interference, it is enough to disturb the LAN network so that the process of a company is also disrupted. Damage to the network connector can be caused by a number of factors, such as misfiring of cables, pinched cables, bitten by rodents, connectors or loose cables.

2. Damage to the HUB / Switch

The switch is a terminal or also called a data signal divider or network card. We have to see whether the switch is experiencing a temporary breakdown or has been damaged. If the switch is already damaged, you must replace it immediately so that your network can be more stable.
When the switch is interrupted, the entire connected network cannot function. Between workstations cannot communicate, it cannot even communicate with the server.

3. Not Detected from the Server Computer

Subsequent interference is a disorder caused by an empty Internet Protocol. In addition, addresses that are not used can also cause the network to not be detected on the server computer. There are ways to find out if our computer can connect with others, using ping. If there is writing “reply from” means that the computer can be connected properly / up, otherwise if there is a writing “request time out” then our computer cannot be connected to another computer / down.

In order to avoid interruption in network devices, a company requires periodic network monitoring. The number of devices in a LAN makes network engineers need help to monitor the network. Network engineers need network monitoring tools and network monitoring application to be able to maintain the performance of network devices.

There are various monitoring tools that can be your choice, both monitoring tools from abroad and Indonesian monitoring tools. Choosing monitoring tools must be careful and fit your needs. Has your company used the right monitoring tools?