The Problems in Network Devices

16 Jan 2019
by Dewi

Network devices have an important role so they need to be monitored. Some network devices include Switch, Bridge, LAN, router, HUB, and others. If the network devices are not monitored properly and are damaged then this can cause the loss in terms of time and material. That is one of the functions of network monitoring. You have nothing to lose if you monitor your network devices. In this article, we will discuss problems or damages that often occur on a network device. The following are network devices and problems that often occur :

1. Switch

The damage that is usually found on a switch, among others: a frequent short circuit in the cable connector or data cable that is not good, causing a damaged port switch. Not only that, but poor electrical grounding due to leakage currents also causes problems with switches. In addition, leakage currents also cause switches to hang frequently. Another damage is switch features such as VLAN and reduction functions that cannot function. This can cause a loop on the switch.

The solution to the problems that often occur in the switch above is that you have to reset switches frequently, make sure the room temperature where the switch is placed must be enough so that the switch does not heat up and adjust the connection load and quality so that it does not ability, and make sure the electric grounding is in accordance with applicable standards.

2. LAN

Of the various types of network devices, LANs are network devices that are often used. Some of the reasons are more effective, flexible, and cheaper. However, it cannot be denied that LANs can also be damaged. Among them are:

a. Damage to the cable and network connectors which causes LAN networks not to work optimally. This is usually caused by a pinched cable or a detached connector and so on. To overcome this, you only need to replace the cable.

b. No appearance of the Local Area Connection on the user computer or client so that the internet connection is not connected which can cause damage to the hardware on your computer. The reason is that the wireless adapter network is not properly installed. The fix, you only need to reinstall the driver adapter network or make corrections in the installation of the wireless network adapter.

c. Slow authentication, data transmission process, and connection process. This can happen because the server is busy. How to handle it? One of the things you can do is upgrade network hardware and of course on the server.

3. Router

Just like computers, routers have components that both run operating systems such as CPU, memory and local storage. Just like other network devices, routers can also be damaged. What are the damages? Damages that often occur on the router include:

a. A bug in the firmware that takes up too much memory causes too long to run. The fix is quite easy, you only need to be updated. Next is the step-by-step: open a web browser, type in the IP address of your router, and the last is to just click the update button. It’s easy?

b. Jams caused by the heat of the router. Why did this happen? Routers that are stored in a closed place are one of the causes. To overcome this you only need to put it in the open or clean it from dust to keep it clean and well-maintained.

The connection is damaged because a router that does not have the latest IP address or two network devices has the same IP address. You can overcome this by restarting the router which will reset the IP assignments so that everything will run properly again.

4. HUB

Damage to the HUB will be very fatal because it results in disruption of the network so that communication between workstations or workstation computers with the server can no longer function. You can see the signs of damage by seeing the power hub indicator lights off or on. If the light is off, then the HUB is declared damaged and you must replace it with a new HUB or repair it in a special service area.

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