The Differences Between SNMP and NetFlow

30 Dec 2018
by Dewi

In order for network performance to work properly, the effectiveness of network monitoring and traffic management are important. In network monitoring, SNMP stands for simple network monitoring protocol and NetFlow has different ways of monitoring. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each. What makes it different? This article will discuss the differences between SNMP and Netflow.

What is SNMP?

SNMP (simple network monitoring protocol) is a protocol for equipment management that is connected in an IP (Internet Protocol) network. SNMP can be used for standard network monitoring while NetFlow is specifically for monitoring, analyzing and gathering network traffic. To collect bandwidth, monitor router bandwidth usage, switch port-by-port, device readings and network usage data are the most common uses of SNMP.

What is meant by NetFlow?

NetFlow is an application that used to monitor the type of traffic and the amount in bytes, either from or to a network router interface. The main function of NetFlow is source and destination, type of port, bandwidth used in a particular network system, delivery time and recipient. For network engineers, NetFlow is very useful for analyzing irregular that occurs when traffic passes from or to a router. Whereas in its use, NetFlow is limited to IP traffic only.

The differences between SNMP and NetFlow

  1.  SNMP can be used for real-time monitoring even every second while the time shown by NetFlow is not real even though it gives start and end times for each flow.
  2.  To collect CPU and memory usage are things that can be found when using SNMP which cannot be found on NetFlow because it is not yet available.
  3.   Notification made by NetFlow about bandwidth usage is too long-winded when compared to SNMP.
  4.   SNMP is used for standards as described above while NetFlow is used for higher traffic network.

To choose between SNMP or NetFlow, you should first look at the conditions that belong to your network device. Both have advantages and disadvantages. So that after reading this article, you can choose the right one for your needs. If you want to choose the right one for network monitoring, Ketitik, network monitoring application in Indonesia has the answer for you. Visit our website for more information.


Source: cables-solution