Stories About Ketitik from Sumatra

17 Oct 2018
by Febi

Distance does not prevent Atron to consulting with Ketitik to solve its network problems. Starting from a colleague’s recommendation, Atron, a network analytics traffic occupancy company in Medan, was interested in sharing the problem with Ketitik. “At first Atron did not know anything about Ketitik, we are never heard it”, said Lydia CEO of Atron. But the recommendation was very convincing, which made Atron think it would nothing to lose to try.

The Medan-Jakarta trip was taken by Atron to discuss and share the problem with the Ketitik team. Atron has difficulty managing as many as 5,300 BTS in the Sumatra region. Atron is confused about how to make the network stable and not easy to down with 5,300 BTS. The meeting resulted in a cooperation agreement between Atron and Ketitik. Now, Atron and Ketitik are related as partners. Ketitik helps Atron in the back end team.

Now Atron can minimize human errors in data reports. It helps to be able to retrieve customer usage data on the device. The data can be processed automatically according to what Atron wants. If the data is processed with human labor, the risk of human error obtained will be greater. For example, the condition of a human being who is not healthy can affect the calculation so that a calculation error can occur.

From the end of August to October, there are already 1,400 BTS who can log in and can provide stable performance. In addition, Atron became aware of when to increase the capacity of network devices because Ketitik helped to see the space that was used.

Atron is satisfied that he can cooperate with Ketitik. Ketitik is able to realize what Atron wants. During working together, Atron and Ketitik can communicate smoothly because they routinely communicate through video conferences every three days. In addition, Atron can also achieve high availability so that it can grow trust in customers.

Atron’s story, it might make you wonder, what exactly is done by Ketitik. Selling products or selling services? Besides having three products related to network monitoring application, Ketitik can indeed become a consultant with regard to network problems. Ketitik names the service as managed service.

Interested in discussing network problems, or interested in the monitoring tools that Ketitik has? Don’t hesitate to contact Ketitik, or visit our website to get to know us more.