Open Sources in NetMonk

14 Jan 2019
by Dewi

The term open source is no stranger to developers and engineer. Open source is referring to a program that its source code can be changed freely, modified, and copied as much as possible by user or developer. Not only that, but the user also can use it for any purposes. However, you must follow the rules because open source is a sign of certification from the OSI (Open Source Initiative). The example of open source software is Ubuntu Linux. Unlike open source, you can not use close source freely because you can not get the source code. The example of this close source software is Mozilla FireFox, Chrome, and the popular one is software Microsoft Windows.

Although open source can be used freely that doesn’t mean you can get it for free like free software that you can download it for free too. Following an explanation of the differences between the two, open source applications or software are freely available so that it can be used by anyone for any purpose, but the developer must allow redistribution of the application and its source code after that. Whereas free software is software that you can download for free without regulations like in open source.

Same with NetMonk, the network monitoring tool by Ketitik also uses open source. What is it? NetMonk uses 2 open sources and some of them are SNMP exporter Prometheus and also blackbox exporter Prometheus. Prometheus is an open source monitoring system that collects metrics from your services and stores them in a time-series database. Its use is not limited to just monitoring applications or machines, but Prometheus can be used for insights on any system. This includes network monitoring in SNMP. SNMP exporter is an exporter that can retrieve data from SNMP then used by Prometheus monitoring system. While blackbox exporter, through the TCP, DNS, ICMP, HTTP, and https protocols, can be used to investigate the endpoint, returning detailed about the request. For example, the duration to receive a response and succeed or not. These two open sources are only a few that are used and that makes NetMonk the best network monitoring tool you can choose from. To see more about the product from Ketitik, network monitoring application in Indonesia, please kindly visit our website.


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