Network Traffic Analytics

09 Jan 2019
by Dewi

In conducting network traffic analytics, an engineer or network administrator can see the whole and analyze the network for the purpose of security, management and or general network operation. The main purpose of network traffic analytics is to get a deeper insight into types of traffic network, network packet or data that flows through the network. Besides that, network traffic analytics also can be used to understand the operation, dangerous packet, suspicious network traffic, upload, and download speed, and content by a network administrator and network security staff. Not only that, but the attacker also use network traffic analytics to analyze traffic pattern for break through and retrieve data.

Following are the advantages of network traffic analytics :

  1. Download and upload speed
  2. To understand network utilization
  3. Real-time network data analysis

Dashboard from demo NetMonk

As well as NetMonk by Ketitik, you can conduct it as a network traffic analysis tool which is easily and efficiently to use. In NetMonk, you will get which status information up and down on your device. But on the dashboard, as you can see the pictures above, you will find the complete information about the number of your devices that are down. Why? It is because the network device data that is down is more important so that it can be immediately followed up for repairs. You can also see the link utilization, gateway status, CPU, RAM, and storage. To see how NetMonk works in full, you can see the demo first and learn it from there.

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