NetMonk an Indonesian Network Monitoring Tool That Gives Ease

06 Oct 2018
by Febi

Selecting network monitoring tools for a company certainly cannot be arbitrary. We must know what is needed by the company and according to the characteristics of the company. NetMonk is made with various advantages and unique values so that it can be friendly to its use (friendly users experience). NetMonk can answer all the company’s needs regarding network monitoring. Here are the advantages of NetMonk that you certainly need in network management:

1. Customization Dashboard

Network engineers will be facilitated in reading the summary on the NetMonk dashboard. Although the NetMonk dashboard appears simpler, NetMonk will still provide data about users’ network in detail. Information is presented interestingly with graphical data. These data will be easier to understand because they are adjusted to the needs of users.

On NetMonk, users can provide any request that you want to display on the dashboard. If you feel that there is no need to display data, don’t hesitate to ask the Ketitik team not to display the data.

2. API Support

Another advantage of NetMonk is API support. API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of commands, protocols, and functions that can integrate two different parts of the application simultaneously. This can make old data about the network that is owned by the user can be reused without reprocessing from the beginning. Therefore, API support displays network traffic information according to users’ needs. NetMonk will be the basis for the network engineer to make a plan what will be done, as well as recommendations to the company.

3. Forecasting Analytics

The specialty of NetMonk which is rarely found in other network monitoring tools is forecasting analytics. Forecasting analytics provides predictions about achieving a network threshold. Using a forecasting analysis method, NetMonk will read how much capacity is used and the program that is run so that it knows when the network’s maturity reaches the threshold. NetMonk will provide predictions in the form of the number of days to the threshold.

4. Push Notification

You can quickly respond to the network problems when using NetMonk . If something happens to your network, NetMonk V2 will give a notification directly to you. Notifications are given using a telegram. If NetMonk V2 identifies a network that is down, NetMonk will immediately give a warning on the telegram. This makes network engineers able quickly to respond to these broken networks even though they are not checking network monitoring tools. NetMonk will also provide notifications relating to forecasting data. When approaching the threshold, NetMonk will immediately provide a report to network engineers.

NetMonk V2 helps network engineers to prevent and plan about the Network. These conveniences are provided so that network performance is maintained and the company can operate stably without prolonged interruption. See this NetMonk demo video (with username: demo and password: demo) to get a deeper understanding.