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Here are some questions that are often asked by our customers

Ketitik has three products, including Netmonk, SLA monitoring (Service Level Agreement), and monitoring nodes. NetMonk can help network engineers monitor and collect network device data, while SLA Monitoring can help companies to process SLA data faster. While the monitoring node can monitor the IoT gateway device.

It can be a consultant to help your company network problems. Besides, Ketitik can also monitor devices, and provide data about the network to network engineers. Not only can you provide solutions in the form of applications, but you also manage services for applications that are delivered.
In addition to network devices, Ketitik has tools that function to monitor PCs and Mini PCs to support business processes for some hardware in the company.

Required conditions are

a. RAM 4GB

b. Storage 500GB

c. Internet Access

d. Docker, Docker Compose, and Git Installed

e. Open Access for Port 9001 (web) and 8000 (API)

You can access the demo on the link provided in the product service submenu on the www.ketitik.com page

Each user will be given a root/admin account to become a PIC in the company. If PIC has problems changing or knowing the password, you can contact us via:

Email: info@ketitik.com, or

Call: +62 8111 993 000

For a device to be monitored by NetMonk, it is necessary to ensure that the device has SNMP features for the management protocol. If available, then SNMP must be activated and can be configured at a minimum on the SNMP version and SNMP Community. SNMP version and SNMP Community along with the IP Address of the device that will be registered during the NetMonk installation process so that Netmonk can retrieve statistical data from the device. For SNMP configurations on the device, because each type of device and vendor has different procedures, the method of configuration can be found in the documentation provided by the device provider according to the device to be monitored and configured.

There are 2 ways to install Ketitik products, namely:
Manually install the product (install it yourself)
For the installation, itself can use the following installation document. Download links can click here.
Install the product with the help of the Ketitik team
Installation with the help of the Ketitik team can contact us via:
Email: info@ketitik.com, or
Call: +62 811 1993 000