Cloud Monitoring VS On-Premise Monitoring, Which is Right For You?

24 Jan 2019
by Dewi

Network monitoring is very important to do if your devices got damage so, you can anticipate it. Networks monitoring is very helpful for network engineers in their work. There are 2 types of network monitoring namely cloud monitoring and on-premise network monitoring software. Cloud monitoring is cloud-based monitoring. Whereas premise monitoring software is software that is installed and operated by customers from server in-house and computing infrastructure. Which one is more efficient in cost? Cloud monitoring or premise monitoring? The following is a further explanation of both.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring is a process of monitoring, reviewing and managing the operational processes of cloud-based IT infrastructure. Cloud administrators can switch operational status and use any cloud-based device. Not only that, but cloud monitoring is also very helpful to improve the performance of all infrastructure at a modular level. Network engineers began to switch to On Cloud monitoring because of the practicality. What benefits do you get if you use cloud monitoring? Cloud monitoring provides several benefits including you can access your platform remotely from any device with the availability of navigation, not only that you can also manage your solution more easily, and finally you get the ease and speed of configuring it. However, the disadvantage is that you do not have full ownership of the data that you have.

On-Premise Monitoring

The on-premise software is also called shrink wrap. Unlike cloud monitoring, premise monitoring is customers must provide everything like hardware, server in-house, software license, IT staff, and integration period and is responsible for their security and management. The advantage of compiling using premise monitoring software is that you can control the security data and performance that you can rely on. The disadvantage is that expensive is expensive and impractical.

The differences between the two in term of price is cloud software valued at monthly and annual subscription with an additional cost of support, training, and renewal, while on-premise is valued with a one-time license fee with an additional cost of support, training, and renewal. If you want to see which price is more efficient between cloud monitoring vs premise monitoring, as an illustration, the following is the comparison of license cost from Ketitik and another brand. The number in this diagram is in Rupiahs and this fee does not include indirect costs.

So, to answer the question of which is more efficient between the two is depending on your need. If you need flexible and practical monitoring, cloud monitoring is more efficient. While if you want to buy a server from the vendor or already have a server that is not in use, on-premise can fulfill your need. From the data above, it is clear that the cost of NetMonk from Ketitik is cheaper not only that but also can fulfill your need. So, if you need cloud-based and on-premise monitoring, NetMonk, network monitoring application in Indonesia, will provide the best services as you need.

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