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31 Oct 2018
by Febi

Types of network Devices (2)

In the previous article, we discussed various types of network devices that are important for monitoring. Network monitoring is really needed so that the company can reach high availability. Therefore, we also have to know all the existing network devices. In addition to network devices that have been discussed (routers, wireless cars, LAN cards, bridges, and hubs), there are still network devices that we have not discussed. Here are the network devices that we will discuss: Read more

27 Oct 2018
by Febi

Types of Network Devices (1)

In the previous article, it was discussed that network monitoring plays an important role in maintaining the performance of a telecommunications company network device. The client can feel satisfied with the services provided because the company can provide full service without interruption or high availability. Client satisfaction greatly affects a company’s brand image. If the client feels satisfaction, the client will report good things about the company. Read more

17 Oct 2018
by Febi

Stories About Ketitik from Sumatra

Distance does not prevent Atron to consulting with Ketitik to solve its network problems. Starting from a colleague’s recommendation, Atron, a network analytics traffic occupancy company in Medan, was interested in sharing the problem with Ketitik. Read more