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14 Jan 2019
by Dewi

Open Sources in NetMonk

The term open source is no stranger to developers and engineer. Open source is referring to a program that its source code can be changed freely, modified, and copied as much as possible by user or developer. Not only that, but the user also can use it for any purposes. However, you must follow the rules because open source is a sign of certification from the OSI (Open Source Initiative). The example of open source software is Ubuntu Linux. Unlike open source, you can not use close source freely because you can not get the source code. The example of this close source software is Mozilla FireFox, Chrome, and the popular one is software Microsoft Windows.

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28 Dec 2018
by Dewi

5 Reasons Why NetMonk is The Best Network Monitoring Tool

Network monitoring on the device is needed for knowing if devices are not in a good condition. Especially if your devices are classified as a large device like routers and switches that can not be monitored manually. Therefore you need an application that can give the best solution to the problems. There are a lot of diverse applications for network monitoring. However, not all of them provide services with a win-win solution like NetMonk. Unlike the other network monitoring tools, here are 5 reasons why NetMonk is the best network monitoring tool. Read more