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28 Sep 2018
by Febi

SNMP, Important Mechanism in Network Monitoring Application

Maintaining the network performance is an important thing to do in a company so that it can achieve high service availability. Network management is needed in order to maintain, diagnose and be able to provide a complete report for decision making and planning recommendations. Network monitoring tools are the answer so that the network is maintained. Read more

25 Sep 2018
by Febi

Network Monitoring Analytics Platform That is Ready to Connect The World

Nowadays, every aspect of life needs a network. Of course, users want a network without interruption so that it can easily connect them to the world. Networks are not only about the internet but also devices such as CPU, RAM, storage, mini-PCs. Some problems in network motivate Ketitik to arrange network technology to be more useful, so Ketitik composes a network monitoring and analytics platform. Read more