5 Reasons Why NetMonk is The Best Network Monitoring Tool

28 Dec 2018
by Dewi

Network monitoring on the device is needed for knowing if devices are not in a good condition. Especially if your devices are classified as a large device like routers and switches that can not be monitored manually. Therefore you need an application that can give the best solution to the problems. There are a lot of diverse applications for network monitoring. However, not all of them provide services with a win-win solution like NetMonk. Unlike the other network monitoring tools, here are 5 reasons why NetMonk is the best network monitoring tool.

1. Complete Features

Netmonk is a network monitoring in Indonesia that offers complete features that other applications do not have. Among others are forecasting analytics, friendly UI, and real-time data. You can get those features only by installed NetMonk. So, you do not have to bother installing many applications for just one device only.

2. Customize

When you installing NetMonk, you can request to customize feature or data information that suits for your needs. So that, it looks more efficient. That is the difference and advantages of NetMonk compared to other network monitoring tools.

3. Available For Free

If you want to try NetMonk first, you can try it for free. This monitoring tool is available for free but not as a free trial and can be still tailored to your needs.

4. Demo

Is it your first time installing NetMonk? Do not worry! You can see the demo first on NetMonk page. With it, you can see how is NetMonk works when it is installed. The appearance is easy to understand and easy to use.

5.  Affordable Price

NetMonk from Ketitik offers affordable price when it compared to other applications. Besides getting complete features and an efficient display, you can also get it at a more affordable price. It’s a win-win solution.

Choosing the right tool for network monitoring is a must because it is important for data monitoring in the network. Of the many applications that exist NetMonk offers the best services for you with all five reasons mentioned above, NetMonk is one of the best network monitoring tools and become the only network monitoring application in Indonesia.