5 Advantages of SLA monitoring

22 Oct 2018
by Febi

Currently, network services have grown rapidly. It should be, the company also knows how vendors can provide quality services to end users.

SLA (Service Label Agreement) monitoring usually has certain reporting that can help companies to minimize the time needed to create or compile information about network status. When it has been completed, information on the status of the network will be used to create a Service Level Agreement at times that are needed quickly. Companies should prioritize the use of SLA monitoring properly. SLA monitoring has quite a lot of benefits:

1. Measure The Network Performance

For the computer network department, it is very difficult to present data in the form of documents, because what for this department is how the network remains stable, the connection cannot be slow and down.

However, it will be different if it deals with companies that have to serve customers. It is not enough to only have connections and interconnections, but the extent to which SLA monitoring has been achieved.

The service level agreement is then used to measure the extent of computer network performance within the company. If the computer network is healthy, then the company’s business will be maximized and can achieve high availability.

2. Avoid losses

SLA monitoring can also maximize your business development. When your data traffic or network connection is interrupted, the company’s operations are automatically jammed because they cannot send data or do work that requires an internet connection. If your company can provide high availability then you will avoid losses.

3. Performance indicators

The SLA monitoring also has indicators designed to be easily understood by customers. So that increasing customer satisfaction and quality remain a goal.

4. Prevent Price Mismatches

Sometimes, there are conditions where the customer does not get the service as stated by the company. With the SLA, customers can get compensation in the form of cost reduction. In addition, customers will also understand that network management service providers are truly confident in their ability to achieve agreed levels of performance.

5. Improve Quality

SLA monitoring is an act of supervision over the guarantee of services provided to clients. Automatically, if the customer or client is satisfied with the services provided, then they will recommend the service provider to many people Word of mouth will be far more effective, because people will be more confident with direct advice.
There are many benefits from SLA monitoring so that it can help companies to monitor the availability and performance of network monitoring applications. This will ensure you get maximum business value through better IT network management.

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