Network Monitoring with Proactive Maintenance

19 Jan 2019
by Dewi

Network monitoring has a function that is very important for network communication that you have. Is it goes down, or other involvement occurs. Network monitoring is very useful for problems if this problem occurs so that it can save time and money. There are now many network monitoring applications or tools that you can get free or paid for. The level is different and the average network monitoring is at a reactive maintenance level and there is also proactive maintenance.

Reactive maintenance also known as breakdown maintenance that repairs the damage is then returned to normal operation by repairing or replacing damaged components and tools. While proactive maintenance, In other words, it can see further if there is damage so that it can take action before this happens. After seeing the explanation above, reactive maintenance and pro-active maintenance have their respective advantages. There are several networks monitoring that are already at the level of reactive maintenance and proactive maintenance. One of the networks proactive maintenance is NetMonk from Ketitik.

NetMonk is a network monitoring from Indonesia that has been proactive. Unlike other network monitoring applications, NetMonk has several features that other applications do not have. These features include NetMonk using notifications from Telegram applications that use far more efficiently and practically than using SMS notifications or emails that are at risk of spam. But NetMonk also uses email as a notification. The dashboard features are also very informative and easy to understand. As in the picture below.

From the picture above, there are several boards such as device status, link utilization, gateway status, CPU, RAM, and storage. Through the board above, and can find out the status that is happening. For example on the status of the board device, information about Up and Down. It is known that the number dropped by 9 and that rose 6. Why on this board there is only a list of devices that just dropped? This is because the devices that come down are more important to be repaired immediately. NetMonk has the filtering feature as above which is very useful for engineers in its use. NetMonk, is network maintenance that can see network traffic information and as the best monitoring tool you can choose. To see first hand how NetMonk works, the network monitoring application in Indonesia, visit our website and see the demo directly.

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